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Sedih kena tinggal kt umah s0wank2
Hye !! saya tgh sedih nih sbb saya kene tinggal kt umah s0wank2 ! ha !! saya b0sn lh die0rg pegy kenduri kahwin saya jew kene ddk umah.. Ddk kt umah p0nn cme 0n9 and dgr laguu jer .. Nk pegy jln2 dgn kwn , tp x de kedit nk calling2 die0rg ! Safura g JJ dgn m0ther diaa ,Amirah plakk ik0t m0ther dia pegy lawatn ..Tp klu ain aq x thu mcm mne ...>?Saya b0sn lh ! tlg lh .. saya 0n9 fb p0nn b0sn jgakk > dgr laguu p0nn b0snn !! erkk x de kwn nk temn saya kt sini !! Kay lh bye !! see u later !!  

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